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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

World War II

 World War ll
In World War 2 there were lots of different types of weapons.  Germany sent 2,500 tanks into France in 1940. Germany’s tank troops belonged to the panzer army. The panzer army is Germany’s tank army.  On the the battlefield people put explosives in the ground, they are called mines.  On the battlefield after people were shot other people took their guns.     

In World War 2 (WW2)  there was not as much technology but now there is lots. There was not much technology, they had to use strength but  we have cranes. We have GPS to find people or other stuff but they used maps to do the same.  Britain gave everyone gas masks to be safe. In packs of cards they had escape maps so they can use them if they were in danger.

In WW2 bombings were important because Japan might not of given up.  At Pearl Harbor 2,467 people were killed and 1,178 people were injured.  One person was captured he was from and  Japan his plane was shot down.  207 aircraft were destroyed by other aircraft and some were shot down. Japan lost 80,000 people to the atomic  bomb. It was mean, don’t wish it upon  anyone.    Four battleships from New Zealand were sunk by Japan at Pearl Harbor.

Winning was a big part of WW2. The whole world was in WW2, it is in the name. In 1937 North Africa invaded China. Hitler wanted world dominance.  I think that it was disgusting what they did.   by Tyler    

Monday, 9 June 2014


If you find yourself lost in the wood here are some tips. There are 3 main survival tips. It is important to try, it is not going to be a holiday, it will be hard.

1. Water: You would make a plan of how to find water. Then you would plan  how to conserve the water because you can’t go 3 days without getting  dehydrated or dying.  If you are getting dehydrated don’t go and have all the water, have a little of it.  If you don’t have water you should look for it so you don’t die because you had no water.  You should go and find water so you don’t die from lack of water. You should look for wet ground or some  plants. If you have a container you should use it or you should move your camp there.    

2.Camp or shelter: first you should plan how to make the camp or shelter. Then you should gather wood, leaves, and something soft to go under you. Then you should find somewhere to make it. It should be somewhere near water so you don’t have to walk far to get it.But you don’t have to make your shelter big it could be 2 pieces of wood over you.

3.Food: I have been saying this word lots - plan how to gather, hunt and trap. First I would put 2 or 3 traps in the woods . After that I would go and gather some food too. Then I would get all my  gear together and if I did not have a gun or bow you will have to make one. This is a way to make a bow get a stick and string and tie  the string to the stick.

4.Rescue: This the most important thing, to get rescued.  There are 4 ways.
1.Make a big fire so people can see it from the air.
2.You could make a boat and float to land.
3.There  is another way, put SOS on the ground.   
4.If you see a plane you could shoot a flare.

If you do all this you should survive.

By Tyler