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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

World War II

 World War ll
In World War 2 there were lots of different types of weapons.  Germany sent 2,500 tanks into France in 1940. Germany’s tank troops belonged to the panzer army. The panzer army is Germany’s tank army.  On the the battlefield people put explosives in the ground, they are called mines.  On the battlefield after people were shot other people took their guns.     

In World War 2 (WW2)  there was not as much technology but now there is lots. There was not much technology, they had to use strength but  we have cranes. We have GPS to find people or other stuff but they used maps to do the same.  Britain gave everyone gas masks to be safe. In packs of cards they had escape maps so they can use them if they were in danger.

In WW2 bombings were important because Japan might not of given up.  At Pearl Harbor 2,467 people were killed and 1,178 people were injured.  One person was captured he was from and  Japan his plane was shot down.  207 aircraft were destroyed by other aircraft and some were shot down. Japan lost 80,000 people to the atomic  bomb. It was mean, don’t wish it upon  anyone.    Four battleships from New Zealand were sunk by Japan at Pearl Harbor.

Winning was a big part of WW2. The whole world was in WW2, it is in the name. In 1937 North Africa invaded China. Hitler wanted world dominance.  I think that it was disgusting what they did.   by Tyler    


  1. I am really looking forward to reading more of your writing on your blog. If you do some at home and want it checked before you publish it just send me a copy or do it as a draft post and let me know its there to check.