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Thursday, 23 April 2015

There is a boy running past his mum to his dad when he was going to fight in the army. Just imagine if that was our father going to war and not know if he will come back. That would be horfing not knowing if you will see him again. If know that you will never have a father at that age it could keep you awake at night. The boy is proble 6 to 8. they might australia and or new zealand. It might be near the start of the war in Ww2. At this time it would be a storm of pain.
This is my ANZAC quick wright by Tyler.



  1. An interesting reflection on the Anzac picture Tyler. It makes it more real when you place yourself in the little boys shoes.
    Thanks for you contribution on the school council so far in 2015.

  2. Well done Tyler, i would miss my father too, if my father went to WW1 & 2..... You make everything so real. I can imagine those people who fought during the war....

    write to you soon, Alipate - SPX - Auckland

  3. Hi Tyler My name is Taiwan I live in Auckland Glen Innes. I like your writing about Anzac Day. Next time always check if your sentences make sense or start with a capital letter.